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Good things to drink by Ryan Chetiyawardana

Cover, Good Things to Drink by Ryan ChetiyawardanaThe Book Good things to drink with Mr Lyan & friends

The Author Ryan Chetiyawardana, also known as Mr Lyan, is a bar tender who opened the award-winning White Lyan in 2013 and more recently, Dandelyan at Mondrian Sea Containers

The Publisher Frances Lincoln Limited

The Release date 1st October 2015

Who’s it for? Cocktail enthusiasts and bar types keen to pick up some new skills or ideas – White Lyan was the first bar in the world to have no drinks on the menu that used perishable ingredients like lemons and herbs so you can expect some exciting ideas inside.

What you’ll find inside The book is very much aimed at those shaking up a round or two at home so there are easy recipes to follow as well as things to experiment with. Case in point, there are some classics like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned and Chetiyawardana’s twist on the Negroni. The beginning of the book tells you about the staple ingredients, the tools, the techniques and the type of serves. Each cocktail has an introduction, ingredients, method and a ‘magic’ top tip that will either improve the drink or make your life easier. It feels like every recipe has a purpose and a reason to be there.

What’s missing Drinks and friends! The book is incredibly well put together, almost like an instruction manual in that it’s concise and comprehensive. Every drink has a recommended glass and a final photo so you know exactly what you should be getting. There’s no history or background on the drinks but that’s perhaps for a different type of book altogether.

The best bit The book is divided according to the time of day and occasion for drinking, rather than by the type of drink. There’s a feeling of spontaneity – no more diving straight into the martini.

The Price (RRP) £20

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Photographs by Kim Lightbody, c/o Frances Lincoln Limited

Natural Wine by Isabelle Legeron

Natural Wine by Isabelle LegeronThe Book Natural Wine: An introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally

The Author Isabelle Legeron MW is a writer, presenter and organiser of RAW fair

The Publisher CICO Books

The Release date10th July 2014

Who’s it for? If you’re new to the natural wine world and want to learn from one of the foremost advocates of natural wine then this is the perfect resource.

What you’ll find inside The book defines natural wine as wine made with nothing added and nothing taken away but the approach encompasses the whole natural wine lifestyle. From anecdotes about tapping for birch sap and making herbal tinctures to milling your own flour and making bread, you’ll gain an insight into this often misunderstood world.

What’s missing The book serves as an introduction to the topic so there’s no real depth. However, Legeron does list additional books and resources if you want to delve further.

The best bit The sizeable book is a surprisingly easy read and without being too aggressive, it inspires a desire in the reader to live more naturally.

The Price (RRP) £16.99

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The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace

The Book The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine

The Author Benjamin Wallace is a journalist based in Brooklyn, New York

The Publisher Crown

The Release date 13th May 2008 (first edition)

Who’s it for? Anyone with an interest in fine wines, wine auctions, history of the fine wine market, Thomas Jefferson and stories based around wine.

What you’ll find inside Anecdotes on the most expensive single bottle of wine sold at auction, examinine whether the wine was faked.

What’s missing Although written in plain English, you won’t find a dumming down of terms so best brush up on your basic wine knowledge.

The best bit It’s an instant insight into a key event in wine history and a snapshot of the who’s who of wine today.

The Price (RRP) $14.95

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Drink Me! How to Choose, Taste and Enjoy Wine by Matt Walls

Drink Me by Matt WallsThe Book Drink Me! How to Choose, Taste and Enjoy Wine

The Author Matt Walls is a wine writer, blogger and consultant.

The Publisher Quadrille Publishing

The Release date 24th May 2012

Who’s it for? People who are new to the world of wine will love this book. It covers many of the topics you might learn on a WSET course but in phraseology that even wine novices will understand.

What you’ll find inside The book is split into two parts. Part one is all about how to buy, taste and drink wine while part two is a very concise guide to different wine regions.

What’s missing Although the book serves as an introduction to wine, and there are some really interesting inspirations for further exploration, many of the country profiles felt far too brief. Definitely room for expansion for the wine hungry.

The best bit The format of the book, like the content, is extremely approachable and peppered with illustrations and wit.

The Price (RRP) £12.99

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